Package Description

Initial Assessment:

To start the program you will receive a couple questionnaires related to health history, accessible equipment, experience with weight lifting and baseball, goals in the gym and on the field, general information, and a full body assessment.

Custom Workouts:

Based on your initial assessment you will receive custom workouts built around your health, needs, and goals.

Throwing Program:

You will receive a throwing program made just for you based on your mechanics, time of year, and experience you have using long toss and weighted balls. 

Video Database:

Each client will have access to a video library demonstrating how to perform every exercise and throwing drill.

Unlimited Email Support:

Every client will have unlimited email support where they can ask as many questions as they would like related to their program. Guaranteed response within 24 hours.

Unlimited Phone Support:

Clients will have the option to call or text their trainer as much as they would like for a quicker response to their questions related to their program. 

Video Analysis:

Clients will be able to send in video of themselves performing exercises and throwing drills for feedback on form and to confirm they are performing the exercises properly. 

Nutrition Consultation:

Clients with the premium package will receive an individual nutrition plan based on their measurements and goals.

Package Options

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