What is everyone saying about GSP?


"Jared was undoubtedly one of the best teammates I have ever had due to his work ethic that is second to none. While I will not preach about his knowledge, I will attest to the fact that you will not find anyone else as committed to making progress or developing individuals as Jared. You will not find another individual with the combination of playing experience, technical knowledge, dedication to learning, and most importantly commitment that Jared has to all of his endeavors."

- Tyler Zombro, Pitcher for George Mason University

"I am an assistant baseball coach for Coronado High School, headed by Jared. I've been encouraged by how student athletes respond to his coaching style, even after only a few practices. A common mistake that I see coaches continually make is fear conditioning. That is, coaches discipline players for making unintentional errors, such as running laps for missing a grounder. This discourages the young athlete and limits both personal and athletic growth. Jared has the opposite attitude. He focuses on the good, encourages athletes to try new techniques/mechanics, and, simply put, promotes fun. That's what it's about. I strongly recommend for any parent or high school player to work with Jared. Because of his mindful attitude, athletes will become stronger, faster, and a more capable baseball player, all while enjoying the process."

- Brendan Miller, Assistant Baseball Coach at Coronado High School

"Jared was one of my teammates in professional baseball, and one of my good friends. I fully support him and his endeavor. He has a lot of knowledge to share and you will have an advantage working with him!

- Jake Luće, Founder of Luće Prospect Group

"Coach Gaynor is an excellent baseball coach. He is working with our son on both pitching and overall performance. We are super impressed with his coaching skills and style. He always emphasizes good mechanics and a positive attitude. He has given our son a great deal of confidence and our son really enjoys working with him. We feel very fortunate to have Coach Gaynor working with him to get to the next level. We highly recommend Coach Gaynor!"

- Parent of Youth Baseball Player