GSP Throwing Program

The GSP Throwing Program is designed to improve your velocity, command, and arm health. We take an individualized approach for each athlete because the reality is everyone needs slight altercations based on strength, mobility, age, current ability, and future goals.

This program is ONLY for the serious player that truly wants to take their game to the next level. Being fully committed to the process is essential for long term development and success. Here at GSP we talk a lot about being driven versus motivated. They might sound similar, but there is a big difference. Motivated people will put in the work when they feel good or are inspired. Someone that’s driven doesn’t need to feel good or be inspired all the time because they know what their end goal is. Let us help you get there.

Jake Kalish - Kansas City Royals Organization

Jake Kalish - Kansas City Royals Organization

Program Details

We offer a 3-month, 6-month, and a 12-month program option. Each option comes with the same details of the program based on what time of the year it is. The longer the commitment, the more opportunity there is for development.

Each player will begin with an initial movement assessment that will be videoed by the athlete and sent back to GSP. This part is critical for us to determine what your movement deficiencies are and how to better serve you in your training program. We cannot move forward with the program until this portion is completed.

Once the assessment has been completed and we have discussed where you are currently and what your goals are, we will the go forward with developing your program. Every 4-weeks you will receive the next phase of your throwing. Based on the timing of the year you will either be in a build up, velocity, pitch development, or in-season phase.

Along with your throwing program, you will also be sent a how to video for every exercise and drill you will perform. There will be unlimited email and phone support should you have any questions on how to perform anything in the program. You will also be encouraged to send video of yourself performing the drills for feedback on mechanical changes to make.

Equipment Needed

  • Jaeger Bands

  • 10 lb. Wrist Weights

  • Shoulder Tube (Optional)

  • Mini Trampoline

  • PlyoCare Balls (2lb., 1 lb., 7.5oz., 5.3oz., 3.5oz.) **Discount code will be given for Driveline products

  • Weighted Baseballs (7oz., 6oz., 4oz., 3oz.)

  • Radar Gun (Optional, but highly recommended to at least have access to one)

Overview of Program

  • Phone call about where you are currently and future goals.

  • Initial movement assessment (videoed and sent back to GSP).

  • First phase of program is created (each phase lasts 4-weeks).

  • Video database of every throwing drill and exercise.

  • Payments are made monthly prior to the next phase.

  • Mechanical analysis is provided for any drill work or throwing.

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