Recovery Circuit and Conditioning Options


In this post I will be providing a recovery circuit as well as two days worth of conditioning. I got the idea about the recovery circuit from Ryan Faer. I like incorporating the recovery circuit the day after a high intensity throwing day out after a start in season. The idea is to get the body moving, restore lost range of motion, work on mobility and stability, and to elevate the heart rate.

Exercises will include:



SMR (Self Myofascial Release)

Heart Rate Targeted Exercise

As far as conditioning is concerned, I like to program two days a week of conditioning, one with more of an aerobic base and the other anaerobic based.

I think conditioning is important to keep pitchers athletic. It is a great opportunity to work on dynamic movements and any time you can work on your athleticism, the better off. Two days a week is plenty to accomplish this without hindering the lifting and throwing.

A general use of this program would be to incorporate one of the conditioning options on a non lifting day and the recovery circuit on an off day.

Refer to the image below for a sample program.

Screen Shot 2019-01-08 at 11.37.09 PM.png

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